Radisa Cafe Specials

Radisa has a lot to offer on its menu for any time of the day. Most of the menu includes some form of rice, idli, dosa or sandwiches. For breakfast; it has options like the spicy Fried Idli accompanied by delectable chutney, Greek Dosa or Maggi Sandwich. For lunch, one can choose from a range of biriyanis and home-cooked offerings like Paneer Tava Biriyani, Chettinad Dosa or the simple Avakai Pappu Annam. For those hungry evenings and nights, choose from anything between Schezwan Idli, Cheesy Dosa Roll or a Masala Toast.

Hello Welcome to Radisa Cafe

While the lip-smacking chocolate here is always recommended, try out their comforting Paneer Kotthu Parotta or Corn & Cheese Pancake. For those missing simple, home cooked food, try out the Coconut Rice or the humble Podi Avakai Annam. The health conscious can try out the new additions to the menu – a whole range of Indian dishes, including desserts, made from millet.